Stephanie Lewis
PSH Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer

What do skin problems, addictions, migraines, chronic pain, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, digestive problems, weight problems, depression, low self esteem, chronic fatigue, morning sickness, post natal depression and many other stress related problems have in common? 

It is now recognized that they all (and countless other symptoms, diseases, disorders and psychological problems) may be symptoms of underlying, subconscious, emotional tensions and conflicts.

The outward manifestation of some inner schism.  The mind and body’s method of alerting us that all is not well.

The P.S.H. process helps you to access and release these uncomfortable ‘feeling’ memories at a very deep and relaxed level of awareness without bringing any repressed material to the surface.  (In other words, you do not need  to re-experience or explore traumatic memories or feelings in order to release them forever).

It is a way of change that fully utilizes your own healing abilities.  PSH is private, gentle, completely non invasive and can result in permanent change.

Stephanie Lewis has an enduring desire to assist people in making beneficial and lasting change within themselves.

Stephanie began training in subconscious therapies in 1992 with the NZ School of Hypnotic Science and graduated with a diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy in March 1994.

In 1996 she came to Australia to complete her 2 year diploma in Private Subconscious-Mind Healing (P.S.H). P.S.H is a very sophisticated yet simple and gentle form of emotional healing which was developed in Australia 20 years ago and is taught exclusively through I.C.S.T.R Queensland. (International Centre for Subconscious Mind Training and Research).

Stephanie is a registered PSH therapist and a member of A.S.T.A (Australian Subconscious Therapist Association).

Stephanie has developed a deep understanding of, and empathy for, all aspects of human suffering.  She has been transformed by the awareness that deep subconscious healing can revolutionise our awareness of the world around us and allow us to live life with conscious purpose and clarity.

This understanding has been enriched and expanded by her formal studies in Buddhism, Meditation and Metaphysics with the Shaolin Lifestyles Association.

As much as Stephanie has studied through formal educational systems to hone her abilities, she has also expanded her innate ability to work with human and animal energy field as an Energy Healer. This is another method of helping change to occur at a deep and comfortable level of awareness.

If you have any questions on P.S.H. or Energy Healing please
phone Stephanie on 02 4397 2833 or 0421 202 503
Stephanie is available at 23 Leonard Ave Toukley Central Coast 2263 -
Sydney Health 130 Edgecliff Rd Woollahra 2025 Ph 9389 6955 and Chirotechnic Bowral 443a Moss Vale Rd, Bowral.